Titanium 348

This hardy fixture features a powerful CPU and a large heat exchanger. Both keep the LEDS running at optimal temperature to assure a constant color. Regardless of the quantity of fixtures used in the application, color temperatures and saturation will all be the same. RGBW also enables more control of the colors with soft pastels easily being achieved along with a variable white to enhance any camera image. This fixture has been tried and tested in some of the harshest environments, from inside studios with high definition cameras to the open decks of ships with salt water spray. A true worker. For your more specialized applications custom diodes are also available. Choose from a variety of white diodes in various color temperatures, solid colors or even UV.

Category: SKU: GL-EL-TI348


· 10-channel DMX-512 LED PAR can
· Blackout/Static/Dimmer/Strobe/Pulse
· RGB color mixing with or without DMX controller
· Built-in automated programs via master/slave
· Durable and weather resistant
· IP65 rated
· Additional power output for daisy chaining units together (max 10 units @ 120V) x LED display
· Low power consumption


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