Ti TRI 18~36 Par

This wonderfully designed fixture has been designed to be worked. Tested in some of the harshest environments, this has got all that it needs to run for you trouble free. 18 or 36 Edison High powered LEDS pack a punch for any install or rental. It has proven to be great for ROI. Oversized heat sinks keeps the diodes right where they need to be to mix all those harder to achieve colors. Baby blues, pinks, lavenders and orange are simply vibrant with these amazing diodes. And no more split color shadows. This light beam stays in the color that you want it to be in regardless of the shadows.



· 3-, 4- or 9-channel DMX-512 LED PAR can
· Blackout/Static/Dimmer/Strobe/Pulse
· RGB Tri color mixing with or without DMX controller
· Built-in automated programs via master/slave
· Available in black, white or silver
· Durable and weather resistant
· IP65 rated
· Additional power output for daisy chaining units together plus LED display
· Low power consumption  


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