StellaBlack PixelStrip – 100mm


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The Stellascapes StellaBlack PixelStrip string contains 85 individually-controlled elements at 100mm (4″) spacing.  Total length is 8.4m (about 27.5′).


  • 16 bit Pulse Density Modulation, for flicker free performance and extremely smooth linear response from 0 to 100%.
  • 3.0 x 3.2mm CREE LEDS are manufactured by the world leader in LED technology.
  • CREE LEDs are tightly binned to ensure consistent color across LEDs.
  • The strip also features built in stainless steel reinforcing plates so that the electronics don’t break, a common problem with many strips, when the strip is flexed.
  • Because the LEDS are themselves IP65 rated and UV resistant, the LEDS are not covered or obscured (which normally results in  lots of ugly refractions and loss of light).


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