Base-Touring Fogger

Built like no other fog generator in the industry. Ultra strong output. Easy to handle Built into a Custom Amptown road case on wheels. Integrated timer. Continuous fogging is possible. If you need to fill a large area then the base*touring has the ultra strong output your looking for. The high speed fan and fog is controled by DMX 2 channels, one for the fog and one for the fan. Custom built Amptown road case on wheels!

Category: SKU: GL-HB-BT


Technical data – base-touring

Power requirement:
Warm up time:
Fluid consumption:Fluid tank capacity:
Fog output:
Fogging time:


Temperature control:
Overheating protection:
Weight w/o Fluid:

vaporizing fog generator
2600 W 230V/50Hz (plus 700 W fan)
230 V/ 50 Hz
approx. 7 min.
at max. output 240 ml/min
at cont. output 120 ml/min
5 liters
adjustable in steps at 1% ( 0-99)
at 100% output approx. 60 sec.
at < 50% output continuous output
DMX 512
0 – 10 V analog
internal Timer
Stand alone mode
Radio remote (Option)
Microprocessor controlled
Heater block/Thermostat
Pump/Thermal switch
96 x 38,1 x 69 cm
70 kg


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