Base-Cap Fogger

Proven as one of the most reliable brands in the business, hazebase brings you It’s Compact, Powerful and a very Economical Vaporizing Fog Generator. A favorite in over twenty countries The base*cap offers various new features, like low power requirements-only 650 W. Has very low fluid consumption which will save you money over the years. Very small, light and compact makes for easy transportation and install.

The base*cap is able to fill small rooms to large arenas and theaters with a constant fog, creating the right atmosphere. The pump and the fan are individually controllable, giving the user total control of the output and noise level. The ready mixed fluid, available in jugs of 5 liters, guarantees a trouble-free working and continuous output of fog.

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  • DMX controlled
  • Low power requirement, only 650W
  • Low fluid consumption
  • Small, light and compact
  • Output projection max. 8m
  • Continuous fogging possible

Technical data – base-cap

Power requirement:
Voltage US:
Warm up time:
Fluid consumption:Fluid tank capacity:
Fog output:
Control:Temperature control:
Overheating protection:

Weight w/o Fluid:

vaporizing fog generator
650 W
230 V/ 50 Hz
120 V /60 Hz
approx. 7 min.
at max. output 60ml/min
at cont. output 15 ml/min
2 Liter
adjustable in steps à 1% ( 0-99)
DMX 512 0 – 10 V analog, internal Timer, Stand alone mode, Radio remote (Option)
Microprocessor controlled
Heater block/Thermostat
Pump/Thermal switch
31,3 x 29 x 21,3 cm with handle and ducting adapter
25,3 x 29 x 17,3 cm without handle and ducting adapter
5,8 kg


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