Gordon Lights is the exclusive provider of GLowVision FLEX LED curtains. Assembled, supported, and warrantied in Addison, Texas, USA, the GLowVision FLEX product has gained an outstanding reputation for both product and vendor quality and is used by amusement parks, touring bands shows, product studios, A/V rental companies, and more. All GLowVision FLEX curtains are manufactured to exacting standards and provide outstanding performance and value.

Ranging from pixel spacing from 18.25mm (0.7185 inches) to 100mm (3.937 inches), GLowVision FLEX curtains are available in several standard sizes and can be designed to custom sizes and shapes to meet your specific needs. Three different LED types allow you to balance your curtain’s brightness and your costs.

GLowVision FLEX curtains are available for rental and for sale. Gordon Lights works with many lighting designers and staging companies to supply their LED curtain needs. Many Gordon Lights customers also rent before they buy to confirm the version of the product they need to purchase.


(Click HERE to see all pixel pitch options on one page, or click each pitch below to see pitch-specific information)

Great for DJs, night clubs, dance parties, band backdrops

100mm – Good for color patterns, EQs, large scrolling text
75mm – Medium full motion video playback, video loops, color patterns, EQs, scrolling text

Great for Concerts, staging, large events, quality video playback

37.5mm & 50mm – Good full motion video playback, video loops, color patterns, EQs, scrolling text
20mm & 25mm – Very high resolution, full motion video, video loops,  music videos, color patterns, EQs, text

Super Hi-Resolution LED Curtains

18.25mm & 16mm – This is as good as it gets in a soft curtain design.  Amazing video clarity and quality!

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